Mike Broaders

“I’m not going to a lecture when the lecturer looks like a Renault Megane”


Matt: “I’m a hobnob”
Dom: “You’re a nob”

Dom and Matt

Who are you? What are you? I don’t want you… Repulsion, a new fragrance from Calvin Klein

Mike S

I’m ironing you. Let me know if you want me to stop.

Mike S

Check out my ninja limrose skills. You won’t be laughing when I’m actually a limrose ninja!


On P(h)il’s New Orleans voice: “That sounded like kermit the frog swallowed louis armstrong”


in Digital… “Max has gone so far he doesnt realise he’s not listening”


“Out of my way pedestrians, I have havoc to wreak”


“no really, I have got experience feeling people up!”


“I’ve got experience of feeling people up”